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Dentist in Sachse, TX: What Referred Pain Can Mean

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A weird quirk of the body is that we sometimes feel pain in one place when it’s actually from somewhere else. This sensation is called referred pain and it can make it hard to get relief, since you don’t know where it’s coming from. Lumi Family Dentistry knows how to solve this problem. Our dentist in Sachse, TX, can help you with symptoms you can’t trace, finding the source of referred pain.

Ear Pain: TMJ Disorders Run Amok

Have you gone to a doctor for ear discomfort only to be told your ears are fine? You’re not crazy. Ear pain is a common symptom of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, a.k.a. TMD. The Mayo Clinic even lists it prominently. Problems with your TMJ can cause inflammation and muscle stiffness that you feel in your face, jaw and, yes, ears.

A common cause of this type of TMJ pain is bruxism—teeth grinding or clenching. To solve this problem, we provide custom-fitted night guards that force your jaw to relax. If you’re experiencing ear pain from issues with TMJ, we can provide you with this and other TMD treatment options

Jaw Pain: A Cry for Dental Care

While jaw pain is also often a telltale sign of TMD, the cause can be closer to home—a toothache in disguise. Tooth-related pain is not always centralized; it can spread along your jawline or even to your temple. This referred pain can signal that you have a tooth cavity, crack, abscess, or other dental problem. Ignoring this pain can lead to more severe dental issues and even infections. Address jaw pain promptly with our Sachse dentist so that the underlying issue doesn’t escalate.

Tooth Pain: A Sign of Issues with Your Foundation

Another sneaky contributor to pain is your gums. Gingivitis—periodontal disease’s milder form—can cause bleeding and tenderness, which you might perceive as tooth pain. More severe gum disease leads to bone loss, causing teeth to come loose. Since your teeth are what’s bothering you, you might not even suspect that your gums are the cause. 

Lumi Family Dentistry can help you improve your gum health routine. In more advanced cases, we can provide a dental deep cleaning. Our periodontic team understands the implications of gum health and can provide appropriate pain management.

Sinus Pain: Your Teeth Might Be the Culprit

Like with ear pain, if you experience sinus pain without a cold or allergies, get your teeth checked. In fact, sinus and tooth pain are so often confused that dentists like to rule out a sinus infection or cold when a patient comes in with tooth pain. The reverse is therefore true, with sinus pain actually stemming from your teeth. Consult our office to rule out a dental-related problem if traditional remedies for sinus pain haven’t brought you pain relief.

Referred Pain? Refer to Our Sachse Dentist

If you’re listening to your body but can’t make sense of its signals, contact Lumi Family Dentistry for an appointment. We can trace your pain to its source and start you on the path to relief with the right treatment.



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